Initial Deposit is $250, due by April 15th.

Total Projected Costs:

Total cost per participant for Philmont is variable depending on the travel costs and whether the crew chooses to avail themselves of pre- or post-trip activities. You should expect to pay at least $2,500 for the trek and travel and at least $500 for personal gear if you must purchase them (e.g., backpack, boots, clothing, etc.) Actual costs may be higher. A more precise projection will be available as the crew develops its itinerary.

Deposit and Financial Commitment Policy:

Your deposit is required to secure your spot on a high adventure experience. Once paid, it commits you to your FULL SHARE of trip costs.

T143 makes nonrefundable financial commitments to the high adventure base and other vendors based on your stated intention to participate. For that reason, participants are required to pay a deposit up front, which commits them to the full cost of the trip.

In order to receive relief from your financial commitment after paying your deposit, you would need to secure a Suitable Substitute who commits to attend in your place. “Suitable Substitute” means that the new participant must meet general eligibility requirements according to BSA rules and T143 rules, must contribute to an allowable youth/adult ratio for the crew/group, and must be approved by the T143 Scoutmaster.

Depending on the timing of your cancellation, even if you find a suitable substitute, some costs beyond the deposit may be nonrefundable (e.g., airfare) if they have already been incurred on your behalf.

Please complete the payment form below. If you are planning to pay your Philmont 2025 deposit online with PayPal, please select PayPal as the payment method (PayPal processing fees applicable).

If you are planning on using your PSA to pay your deposit fees, please select PSA as your payment method. For check payments, please select Check for your payment method and contact the Troop 143 Treasurer to coordinate payment. PSA and check payment amounts are $250/person.